The RAF Cranwell Aerobatic Training Day

Hi All.

At RAF Cranwell yesterday, the RAF Flying Club Association held a beginners level aerobatic training day. The event was organised by our very own Phil Burgess, who invited the BAeA to run the event using our 'Open Beginners Day' format.

The day was a great success, helped in no small way by cracking weather. 23 entrants were spread across 5 aircraft, 2 Slingsby's, Cap 10c, Extra 200 and a Pitts S2A, so we had our work cut out to fit in 2 flights for everyone.

Alan Cassidy was Chief Judge for the day, Jen and Jack drove the scores and the CD was yours truly. David Jenkins and Phil B judged and Julie Lawley assisted along with members of RAFFCA. I drove instructors Paul Shaw, Nick Riddin, Phil O'Donoghue, Simon Abbot and Adrian Willis really hard and they didn't complain, much.

Thanks chaps. So with everyone pulling in the same direction, the medals were presented by Air Chief Marshal Sir John Allison (ret) at 1700hrs.

The ripples from the success of this event will hopefully reach far and wide. 23 novice aerobatic competition pilots are now all very enthusiastic about our sport. Phil Burgess's impeccable organisation of the event will not pass unnoticed by his superiors and the RAF may have to concede that a successful aerial event can be run by civilians.

So well done Phil. As PR exercises go, this was a pretty good one.

    ps - there are more photos here,
          and an excellent video here
 RAF Cranwell Aerobatic Training Day Results: Known Sequence
 RAFFCCASTS, Cranwell, 3rd May 2014

Ranked by scores    

 Rank Pilot Aeroplane Registration Known 1 Totals O/all %
 1 Tony Ayre Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 609.40 609.40 83.479
 2 Mark Thomas Extra 200 G-EEEK 596.18 596.18 81.669
 3 Craig Emslie Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 591.46 591.46 81.021
 4 Neil Constantine Slingsby T67M G-BLVI 589.15 589.15 80.706
 5 Mike Bond Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 587.66 587.66 80.501
 6 Graham Gall Extra 200 G-EEEK 587.32 587.32 80.455
 7 James Page Extra 200 G-EEEK 586.68 586.68 80.367
 8 Scott Grove Slingsby T67M G-BLVI 584.42 584.42 80.057
 9 Paul Bellingham Extra 200 G-EEEK 579.59 579.59 79.397
 10 Matt Williams CAP 10B G-CCNX 566.12 566.12 77.550
 11 Alex Groundsell Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 555.93 555.93 76.154
 12 Andy Mackay Slingsby T67M G-BLVI 551.29 551.29 75.519
 13 Mike Tetlow Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 536.64 536.64 73.513
 14 Paul Morrison CAP 10B G-CCNX 497.67 497.67 68.174
 15 Andy Hadfield Extra 200 G-EEEK 490.58 490.58 67.202
 16 Chris Bird Slingsby T67M G-BONT 466.65 466.65 63.925
 17 Paul Bailey CAP 10B G-CCNX 458.67 458.67 62.832
 18 Paul Dodsworth CAP 10B G-CCNX 431.95 431.95 59.171
Contest Director: Brian McCartney, Contest Chief Judge: Alan Cassidy, Scoring Director: Jen Buckenham. Judges: Alan Cassidy, Phil Burgess, David Jenkins. Judges Assistants: Julie Lawley, Bob Tipping.
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