Mazda Sponsorship and BAeA Annual Bursaries
Aerobatic Development Funding

Each year, in recent times, the BAeA has apportioned a small amount of its limited budget to what we call ‘development funding’. To date this has been limited to training bursaries to pilots who move up between competition levels, awarded on the basis of the annual Points Tables, and some contribution to the costs of pilots and team managers representing the UK at international aerobatic championships.

Mazda UK Sponsorship
In late 2008, Mazda UK Ltd. announced its intention to assist the BAeA by providing additional development funds that we could invest in projects from the ‘grass roots’ upwards. This enabled the BAeA to significantly increase the development budget and provide a much needed boost to pilot training and awards. Whilst the Mazda sponsorship per se is aimed at powered aerobatics, this initiative will also enable increased funding of the development of glider aerobatics from BAeA internal budget.

The 2014 Bursary Scheme
Power and Glider:
Based on the final 2013 points tables, the BAeA will award Mazda Bursaries in 2014 to:
     3 Standard/Sports pilots @ £350 each
     2 Intermediate pilots @ £500 each
     1 Advanced pilots @ £750 each

who move up a level to fly in the 2014 National Championships. This can be used not only to cover coaching fees but also make some contribution towards fuel costs in training. Coaches should be members of the Association and have competition experience at a higher level than that for which the training is being given, other than for Unlimited coaching which should be given by a more experienced Unlimited pilot.

The same general conditions apply regarding the selection of coaches for training.

Pilots wishing to take advantage of this scheme should discuss their intentions with the BAeA Head of Contest Organisation at the earliest possible opportunity, to establish their eligibility and to register for the award. Details such as the nomination of an appropriate trainer and the scope of the assistance to be funded in that season can be established at that time. Don’t wait – do it now!

Your co-operation and support please ...
Not since the early 80's that we have been able to benefit from such generous assistance from a private sector company. Naturally, the BAeA Board of Directors wish to take all possible steps to ensure that this good fortune might continue for more than just the current season. Therefore it will be a requirement that all power pilots receiving these additional funds co-operate fully with Mazda in exploiting the publicity and media coverage that our sport can generate. Details of PR projects will be discussed with recipients on an individual basis as the season progresses.




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