The Royal Aero Club Awards
The Royal Aero Club makes a series of awards each year to recognise the efforts of aviators from member associations who have achieved notable success in their field. British Aerobatic Association pilots and officers have received a number of these prestigious awards over the years, rubbing shoulders with a wide range of other other aviators from all walks of life. Paul Conran was the deserving recipient of a RAeC Diploma from HRH the Duke of York this year.
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To Paul Conran - a Royal Aero Club Diploma

Paul Conran

Paul joined the BAeA as a competitor in 1999 progressing to the highest category of contest aerobatics, unlimited, in just one year. He won his first title as National Glider Aerobatic Champion in 2004, a title he currently holds in 2013. He has represented the UK in the World Glider Aerobatic Championships on several occasions.

Paul has spent an enormous amount of his time over many years, travelling around the UK promoting and teaching aerobatics. His tireless talent scouting for young, gifted pilots has proved very successful, most notably in 2012/2013, coaching three competitors, all under 25, from novices to Advanced level competitors in a single season. This year, with Paul as their driving force, all three flew in both the UK National Championships at Advanced level, and as part of the UK team in the World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships in Oripaa, Finland. Remarkably, at just 14 years old, Robert Rizk won the UK title and at 15 finished 9th in the World Championships, becoming the youngest ever pilot to compete in either event. The UK team finished a very credible 4th overall with Paul at the helm as their team manager.

It is for his dedication to the sport of glider aerobatics, his selfless support and mentoring of young talent and his construction of a solid platform for future young pilots to follow that we highly recommend Paul Conran for the award of the Diploma of the Royal Aero Club.



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