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 A    Advanced Flying (London) Ltd - training and displays in a Pitts Special S-2C at Fairoaks Airport
 ●    Aerobatics4You - Steve Carver's Extra-260 Airshows and Air Displays website
 ●    Aerobatic Displays - Rob Howarth's informative site about his displays with the Pitts Model-12
 ●    Aerobatic Display Teams of the World - a site dedicated to military and civil teams the world over

 ●    Aerobatics Canada chapters
 ●    Aerobatic Club of Finland
 ●    Aero GP - "a brand new sport featuring 500 kph air racing, precision bombing and air-to-air combat"
 ●    Aircraft and Airport information - Fast Aviation Data is an aviation research company that provides
       Aircraft and Airport Software with 3,500 aircraft photos and 8,148 airport specifications to help you
       calculate the distance and time between airports
 ●    Altered Attitude Aerobatics - trial lessons in a Pitts S-2A at Shobdon Airfield, Herefordshire
 ●    AOPA - the UK Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association. They run the well-known AOPA Aerobatic Course
 ●    Aresti System S.L. - website of the Aresti aerocryptographic system; official Aresti Catalogues etc.
 ●    Australian Aerobatic Club - the main link to the down-under club
 ●    Australian Aerobatic Club - Victorian Chapter, now with a new web
 ●    AVIAT Aircaft Inc. - Manufacturers of the Pitts Special, & Christen Eagle, lots of essential informationn
 ●    Aviation Dimension - South Africa's only current and daily updated aviation web magazine, so they say
 B    Barrett Precision Engines Inc - "Home of some of the finest aerobatic engines to ever turn a propeller"
 ●    Brazilian Aerobatic Association
 ●    Microlights - The roots of many of our members
 ●    British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association - Icarus, eat your heart out....
 ●    British Women Pilots' Association - based at Brookland Museum, Weybridge
 ●    British Gliding Association - The association with responsibility for Gliding events and activities in the UK
 ●    Budd Davisson's new sport aviation website
 C     CIVA - The aerobatics commission (Commission Internationale Voltige Airenne)
 D     Dutch Aerobatic Association VINK (Vliegen Is N Kunst) - all about aerobatics in Holland
 E    European Sport Pilot Association - these are the guys that run air racing around Europe
 ●    Extra Aircraft - the German aerobatic aeroplane design and manufacturing company
 F    FAI - the Federation Aerounautique Internationale. Responsible for Air Sports records world-wide
 ●    Ferocious Frankie - see the P51 display Mustang from the Old Flying Machine Company, Duxford
Flight Journal magazine - a General Aviation enthusiast magazine's site
 ●    Flights and Dreams - aerobatic instruction on the Pitts S2-C from Cranfield by Richard Rogers
 ●    Flightlab - "We teach fundamental, all-attitude airmanship", based at US at Plymouth Airport (KPYM)
 ●    Fly Days - Aerobatic Flying Experiences - flying, simulators, skydiving, ballooning etc. - nationwide.
Flyer Magazine - a monthly magazine specifically aimed at GA and recreational flying in the British Isles
 ●    Freestyle Aviation .... Aresti for Windows ....
 ●    FRANCE VOLTIGE. - This is the website of the French aerobatics organisation , in the French Language
 ●    Fournier Club International - mildly aerobatic, but clearly a bunch of pilots really enjoying themselves
 G    GASCo - The General Aviation Safety Council of the UK - the BAeA is a Council Member organisation
 ●    German Aerobatics - der motorkunstflug in Deutschland
 ●    Glider Aerobatics - a UK-based site with some very smart virtual reality aerobatic figure demonstrations
 ●    Great Britain Radio Controlled Aerobatic Association - for r/c precision aerobatic model flying in the UK
 H    Haute Voltige - FAI World Grand Prix of Aerobatics  Fighting the spirit of gravity ...
  I    IAC - International Aerobatics Club Home Page - This site is a starting point for Aerobatics in the US
 ●    International Miniature Aerobatics Club
 ●    Italian Frecce Tricolore - WOW !    A similar challenge is offered
 J     Sorry, no "J"s ....
 K    Klingair Flying Club - They claim.... the best little club in the country (so they say!)
 L    Lasham Gliding society - The home of many of our aerobatic gliding members
 ●    London Gliding Club (Dunstable) - A similarly popular club and regular Glider Aerobatic contest venue
 M    Mark Jefferies Airshows - UK & Europe, Extra-300S performances with commentary by Kester Scrope
 ●    Model Airplane News  - site for long-standing model airplane magazine
 N    NATS page for United Kingdom NOTAMs
 ●    news:rec.aviation.aerobatics - A Newsgroup dedicated to discussion about aerobatics
 O    OpenAero - new sequence drawing software from Ringo Massa in The Netherlands
 ●    OZAeros - Another Aussie site provided by Dave Pilkington
 P    Patty Wagstaff home-page
 ●    Pilotpointer - a superb source of general aviation data.
 ●    Pilot Magazine - The premier magazine serving General Aviation in the UK
 R    RC MicroFlight  - resource for small planes that can fly indoors, in backyards and in schoolyards
RC Modelling - a radio control and aerobatics model flying site based in the USA, well worth a visit or two
 ●    Royal Air Force  - Where would we hold our contests, without all their disused airfields?
 ●    Royal Aero Club - The National Aero Club of Great Britain
 S    Skyhawk Aerobatics - John Taylor's aerobatic training school, built around Extra-300 handling
 ●    South African Sport Aerobatic Club - now with a new URL
 ●    Steve Carver's site - all about his Pitts-S2S G-EWIZ
 ●    Sunrise Aviation - "A splendid school in Orange County, California, run by Michael Church"
 ●    Swiss Aerobatic Association - all in Swiss...
Swiss Aerobatic Gliding Association - and they do what it says on the tin, in English!
 T    The Hangar - aircraft ads, auction items, METARs in plain English... 
 ●    Tiger Club - The original forerunner of the British Aerobatic Club
 U    Ultimate High Academy - Advanced flying training at Kemble from Beginner to display standard.
 V    VANGUARDaero - worldwide aviation directory listing 6,000+ unique companies, services and events.
 ●    Vectair Flying Club - Goodwood based club with aerobatic attitude and a Robin Alpha
 W   World Aerobatics - Alan Cassidy's web of Aerobatics, with links to
 ●    World Aerobatics Promotions - Frank Versteegh's web-site
 Y    YAK UK Ltd - Website of the UK distributor of Russian Yakovlev Aircraft
 Z    Zivko Aeronautics Inc  - manufacturers of the Edge 540 and 540-T competition aerobatic airplanes

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