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  Welcome to the website of the British Aerobatic Association. We are the sport flying Association responsible in the UK for scheduling and running aerobatic competitions for powered aircraft and gliders to internationally approved rules.
We run about fifteen events each year throughout the UK. The majority of these cater for all levels of aerobatic contest flying, and national champions are declared in four power and glider classes. In addition we send teams to all the major annual international aerobatic World and European championships.
Each year we also run one or more extremely popular one-day Open Beginners introductory format events that are designed expressly as a first step for pilots to experience sequence flying. Use the links on the left here to read the Briefing Paper about these events.
Pilots, family and all aviation enthusiasts are warmly encouraged to meet us at a contest, particularly to assist on the judging line - just ask for the Chief Judge or the Contest Director. If you're a pilot, flying in an aerobatic contest is the most exhilarating fun you can have .... and much easier to achieve than you might imagine.
Come along and find out more about aerobatic contest flying, judging, assisting or just enjoying the atmosphere at a BAeA competition !



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