Points Trophies awarded for performances throughout the BAeA 2004 Contest Season

 Trophy, its history and application

Final Points and Trophy Winners

Trophy awarded for . . .
The Tiger Club Trophy Richard Buchan All Standard Sequences
The Swinstead Trophy Clive Butler All Intermediate sequences
The Manx Kelly Trophy Gary Ferriman All Advanced sequences
The Marcus Norman Trophy Richard Buchan All Standard Unknown Sequences
The Cessna Trophy None flew in 2004 . . . All competing Cessna aeroplanes
The Shaggy Cow Trophy Ian Trask All competing Yakovlev aeroplanes
The Pitts Special Trophy Gary Ferriman All competing Pitts Special aeroplanes
The Golden Frog Trophy Tom Cassells All competing French aeroplanes
The Extra Trophy Mark Jefferies All competing Extra aeroplanes
The Slingsby Trophy Alex Smith All competing Slingsby aeroplanes
The Glider Trophy Paul Conran All Gliders in Sports, Int & Unl
The Diana Britten Trophy Corinne Dennis Highest female average % scored
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